'Attack on Titan's' Colossal Titan comes to life in augmented reality

We've seen statues of the 49-foot Eren Titan and the 46-foot Female Titan at Universal Studios Japan, but it's unlikely we'll be treated to a "life-size" Colossal Titan any time soon. After all, at 164 feet, he's taller than the Statue of Liberty (from torch to base, at least).

However, one "Attack on Titan" fan and augmented-reality hobbyist has given us a pretty good idea of what the Colossal Titan would look like standing, and dancing, near Japan's Komine Castle. Because who doesn't love a dancing 164-foot-tall flesh-eating monster?

As Kamo C details in the video below, all you need is a drone, a large AR marker, a bunch of safety pins, and much more know-how than I'll ever possess.

"From the size of the people walking on the streets and the cars," the video states, "I think you can see how difficult it would be to destroy this guy."

But who would want to destroy a creature that can dance so beautifully? He's like an angel ... a terrifying, man-eating angel.

(via RocketNews24)

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