Attack on Titan Season 3 Trailer Reveals the Anime's New Threat


After two seasons of battling towering Titans, it looks like the next threat facing Eren and company will be much more human, but no less lethal.

The first trailer for the upcoming third season of Attack on Titan has been released by Funimation Studios teasing fans with a glimpse of the new sinister villain facing Levi, captain of the show's elite Special Operations Squad.

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With the clip promising more human versus human action than previous seasons which had seen the characters take on the titular, voracious behemoths, Levi battles a shadowy figure before calling out this mysterious enemy's name: Kenny.

Fans of the long-running manga will recognize the name as Kenny the Ripper, one of the darkest, most personal antagonists over the course of the series to date, as he makes his full debut in the popular anime adaptation.

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The return of Attack on Titan marks a much shorter time between seasons with fans waiting nearly three years between the first two seasons. The 22-episode Season 3 will arrive a little over a year after the second season ended its initial run.

Studio Wit will animate the show's third season, which will be available for streaming on FunimationNow at the same time as it airs in Japan, as confirmed with the trailer. The new season is scheduled to premiere on the Japanese network NHK on July 22.

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