'Attack on Titan' scores a second Real Escape Game

Even as the first Attack on Titan Real Escape Game winds its way to New York City this weekend, a second one has been announced for this summer in Japan.

Anime News Network reports SCRAP Entertainment's wonderfully named "Escape From the Amusement Park Surrounded by Titans" will run from July 18 to Sept. 23 at the Tokyo Dome City entertainment complex and July 24 to Sept. 6 at Osaka's Hirakata Park, the oldest amusement park in Japan.

Like its predecessor "Escape From the Walled City," it's an immersive outdoor game in which participants must use teamwork to solve puzzles, decode clues and find the escape route. Inspired by Hajime Isayama’s bestselling post-apocalyptic manga and the subsequent hit anime, "Escape From the Walled City" debuted in May in Japan before traveling to Singapore and then San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The New York edition will be held Saturday at Richmond County Bank Ball Park on Staten Island.

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