'Attack on Titan' ratchets up the mayhem in new game trailer

Koei Tecmo has unleashed a new trailer for its Attack on Titan video game that not only introduces the characters and showcases some of the action, but also teases some giant-size showdowns.

IGN notes that the game, which debuts Aug. 30 in North America, features scenes from the manga rather than drawing exclusively from the first season of the hit anime, as originally announced.

"The terms between Kodansha and us were for the first season of the anime," producer Hisashi Koinuma told the site. "Obviously we pushed it a little bit and got their permission to be creative."

Available PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PS Vita and Steam, Attack on Titan will allow players to control characters ranging from Eren and Mikasa to Levi and Annie in brutal fights against the giants.

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