'Attack on Titan Part II: Wings of Freedom' Gets New Trailer, New Ending

Even as a new, extended trailer debuts for “Attack on Titan Part II: Wings of Freedom,” news arrives that new footage will be added to the ending that links the compilation film to the long-awaited second season of the blockbuster anime.

Premiering in Japanese theaters on Saturday, "Wings of Freedom" adapts episodes 14 through 25 of the television series. The first feature, “Attack on Titan: The Crimson Bow and Arrow,” was released in November.

Based on the hit manga by Hajime Isayama, “Attack on Titan” is a post-apocalyptic fantasy set in a world where remorseless, flesh-eating giants have all but wiped out humanity, whose remnants are forced to live within a country surrounded by three enormous walls. The story initially centers on Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and their childhood friend Armin Alert, who join the military to fight the Titans after their hometown is attacked and Eren’s mother eaten.

The first season of "Attack on Titan" concluded in September 2013; the second has been announced for 2016.

(via Anime News Network)

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