Attack On Titan: 10 Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Attack on Titan is an intense post-apocalyptic series loaded with brutal violence and brilliant political commentary. Both the manga and the anime have received overwhelming critical acclaim, which has bolstered the story's popularity in the United States. As a matter of fact, Titan can usually be found nestled within the top five of many "Best Anime" lists.

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While the tone throughout most of the series is dark and gritty, fans have been able to convert the weighty narrative into a collection of hilarious memes. There's an endless stream of Titan jokes available online, but let's take a look at some of the standouts.

10 The Netflix Adaptation

Netflix has provided quality content for many years, but their original anime-related productions are a hit or miss, to say the least. I'm sure most of us would like to forget that their live-action Death Note film even exists. Therefore, it wouldn't be a total shocker for a Netflix AoT project to cast Coconut Head from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide as Armin.

In that same vein, film director Andy Muschietti (IT, IT: Chapter Two) is reportedly set to direct an American live-action Attack on Titan film. If the Netflix adaptation memes are any indication, they better hire a worthy casting crew... and maybe leave Coconut Head out of it.

9 The Handsome Squidward Titan

The reveal of "Handsome Squidward" is one of Spongebob Squarepants' most unforgettable moments. It's an incredibly popular meme on its own, but one of Titan's greatest villains accidentally recreated it in the anime. A glimpse inside the Armored Titan during season three finds Reiner Braun looking bald and "handsome", so to speak.

Reiner's eyebrows and standard blond hair have been singed off and he looks like a completely different person. The sight is just as terrifying as it is amusing. As many people have noted online: try to remember that Bald Reiner isn't real and that he can't hurt you.

8 Baby Levi

Short male characters in anime tend to get relentlessly mocked for their size — just ask Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist. Attack on Titan's resident moody bad boy, Captain Levi, happens to be one of those small characters. He's so tiny that a fan drew this hilarious picture of him riding on Erwin Smith's horse with the assistance of a booster seat.

Characters lacking in height tend to be some of the most powerful and Captain Levi certainly fits that trope. However, being so short in a series loaded with massive titans is quite the juxtaposition. Luckily for him, being small hasn't prevented him from being a fan favorite.

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7 Ramen Maria

The words "Wall Maria" are uttered as frequently as the word "titan" in a series named "Attack on Titan", so you know it's a significant wall. These structures are supposed to protect civilization from the dangerous beasts, but what happens when they're breached or partly destroyed?

Well, according to this meme, uncooked ramen noodles are the answer. Perhaps the main cast should have thought of this solution before putting humanity in even more danger. Granted, this is assuming that the eternally hungry Sasha Braus didn't get to the ramen first. As the comedic relief of the story, it's her responsibility to eat anything and everything.

6 Armin's Ocean Experience

Armin Arlert has one goal and one goal only: to see the ocean. His friendship with Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager is reminiscent of what Riku, Kairi, and Sora shared in Kingdom Hearts. Everyone just wants to see the world beyond the walls they've been confined within (pun intended).

Armin's desire to see the ocean might be an endearing one, but his relatively sheltered life hasn't prepared him for underwater creatures. Sure, he faces titans on the regular but ocean monsters are a totally different breed of terrifying. Once he learns the truth about what lies beneath the surface, he'll regret being exposed to the deep blue sea.

5 Jean's Ocean Experience

Jean's ocean troubles differ slightly from Armin's, but they're just as hilarious. Most of us are familiar with the taste of saltwater, either as a result of pure curiosity or pure carelessness. The consequential nausea and dehydration are more than unpleasant.

Armin might have been gunning to encounter the outside world a little more ardently than most, but Jean wasn't quite ready for the concept of saltwater. In his defense, the ocean was new territory for him so his mistake is understandable. However, it doesn't mean we can't laugh at his unfortunate learning experience. We appreciate your eagerness, Jean!

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4 Beyblade Champion Levi

Beyblades might not be as popular as they were in the early 2000s, but Captain Levi Ackerman is keeping their legacy alive with his spirited attack patterns. For those who might not be familiar, Beyblades are spinning top toys that can be customized to alter attributes like speed and weight for performance purposes.

A spinning top is the best way to describe Captain Levi when he lets loose on the titans, but the visual implied in the meme makes it even funnier. Ackerman might just be the greatest Bit-Beast there ever was. Someone needs to enter this guy in a Beyblade contest immediately.

3 Eren's Explosive Soda

Eren Yeager is Attack on Titan's main protagonist and he has a bone to pick with the titular monsters since episode one. To be fair, it would be entirely justified for all of humanity to hate these beasts, but Eren has a heartbreaking reason for taking action against them: the death of his mother.

Young Eren watched helplessly as a titan consumed his mom. From that moment forward, any mention of the creatures triggers an outburst of anger. The geyser that results from tossing a handful of Mentos into a Coca-Cola bottle is a hilariously accurate metaphor for that emotion.

2 Survey Corps Job Openings

This meme might lean towards the morbid side, but it's also shockingly accurate. The Survey Corps is the division of the military that interacts with titans the most. They often engage in direct combat with the monsters while simultaneously studying them. Unfortunately, their expeditions don't always end so well.

So many lives are lost during these operations it's a miracle that they're able to replenish their numbers and continue fighting. They're bound to run out of soldiers sometime, right? It's a tough situation, but somebody has to save humanity. Luckily for brave job seekers, the Survey Corps is always hiring!

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1 Peeping Tom

Ah, yes. Mount Rushmore. The one place in America where you can stare at massive sculptures of George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and... a peeping titan? No one in South Dakota told us about this update on their national memorial.

The Wall Titans are the cause of many headaches for the heroes of Attack on Titan. The team wasn't aware of their existence for a good chunk of the story, but the discovery of these beings reinforced the fact that they knew nothing about their foes. Perhaps there's a Wall Titan somewhere within Mount Rushmore that sculptor Gutzon Borglum never revealed.

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