'Attack on Titan: End of the World' Storms the Wall With New Trailer

A new English-subtitled trailer has arrived for "Attack on Titan: End of the World," the second film in the live-action adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s bestselling manga. It was released by Australian distributor Madman Entertainment.

Debuting in 2009, "Attack on Titan" is a post-apocalyptic fantasy set in a world where remorseless, flesh-eating giants have all but wiped out humanity, whose remnants are forced to live within a country surrounded by three enormous walls. More than 50 million copies of the manga are in circulation worldwide.

The first live-action film, titled simply "Attack on Titan," opened Aug. 1 as the top film in the Japanese box office, earning about $4.8 million. The second film opens Sept. 19 in Japan.

The movies begin their limited release in North America at the end of this month, with "Attack on Titan" screening in select U.S. theaters Sept. 30-Oct. 1 and Oct. 7, followed by "End of the World" on Oct. 20, Oct. 22 and Oct. 27. In Canada, Part 1 will play on Oct. 5 and Oct. 26, and Part 2 will be shown on Oct. 22 and Oct. 26.

To purchase tickets and to find a theater, visit the "Attack on Titan" website.

(via Anime News Network)

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