'Attack on Titan' child cosplayers are adorable (also, frightening)

The only thing more frightening than the 46-foot Female Titan from Attack on Titan is, well, the 200-foot Colossal Titan. But beyond that? It's undoubtedly tiny twin Female Titans, because they'll disarm you with their cuteness and then, in all likelihood, devour you.

Twin sisters Chihiro and Chieko are little cosplay powerhouses who dressed as Female Titans on Saturday at Long Beach Comic Expo, where they posed for plenty of photos and even (adorably) battled members of the Survey Corps. They followed that Sunday by dressing as Sisters of Plenitude from Doctor Who.

As you can see from their Facebook and Instagram pages, they also make terrific (if also terrifying) Weeping Angels.

[caption id="attachment_227379" align="aligncenter" width="625"]

From Chihiro and Cheko's Facebook page[/caption]

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