The 10 Best Episodes Of Attack On Titan, Ranked (According to IMDB)

Attack on Titan has been lauded as one of the best animes to come out of Japan in recent years. This due to the massive fanfare and commercial success it's had ever since it first debuted.

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Throughout that time the story and characters have grown and Attack on Titan is now a fully-fledged story with dynamic and interesting characters driving the plot forward. In recent seasons we've seen the series make both political as well as racial commentaries. This signified a shift in the type of story and this shift has made for some absolutely breathtaking episodes of anime.


As the title suggest this episode takes us back to where the story began, Wall maria. The scouts return to Wall Maria to take back the city in hopes of it being the foothold that leads them to victory against the overwhelming physical might of the Titans. This plan makes sense as it's believed that the secret to fighting against fighting the Titan is laying in Eren's basement.

As the team reaches the wall and begins getting to work Armin notices that the enemy's approach seems a bit odd. This leads to him ordering the scouts to search the walls in order to find the enemy.


This episode debuted one of Attack on Titan's most deadly weapons, The Thunder Spear. But, before we get around to that, the episode opens on the Armored Titan who's being distracted by a now transformed, Eren Yeager. Reiner decides to go after Eren instead of attacking the horses.

As he's doing this, Captain Erwin reminisces on the past in the midst of battle. Eren's new hardening ability gives him the edge over Reiner in one on one combat. Reiner manages to temporarily escape before Hange and the other survey corps members decimate the armored Titan with the Thunder Spears. This episode will be remembered for the use of some interesting tactics and the use of a weapon that might be game-changing.


A powerful episode that focuses on the Marleyian forces, namely Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover. This episode delves a bit deeper into the mystery of Marco's death, and we find out that it was a direct consequence of Reiner, Annie, and Bertolt. They fed him to a Titan and this revelation was truly shocking.

Later in the episode, Bertolt must confront Armin and the way he maneuvered that situation really highlighted how much he had grown as a character. After he skillfully handled that situation, he then transformed and changed the tide of battle, well done Bertolt Hoover, finally a catalyst.


This is an episode of Attack on Titan filled with lore and answers to questions the fans have waited on for years. We find out about Ymir's curse and more about Eren's coordinate ability and its origins. Not only that, we learn about a previous wielder of the attack titan and what purpose it usually serves throughout the years.

This is a well-handled episode that, though exposition-heavy, it moves along at a nice pace. We also witness Historia learning more about Ymir via the powers of the bloodline.

6 Wound 9.7

Hannes stands in front Eren and Mikasa yet again as they face the threat of Dina Fritz in her titan form. This time, however, he doesn't plan to run and escape. This time, it’s a battle to the death and, unfortunately, Hannes dies here. Eren, now a bit broken, cries out in pain before a beautiful speech from Mikasa brings back his courage.

What a moment this was. Eren, now back onto his feet and ready to go on the offensive. Luckily for him, he accidentally makes use of 'The Coordinates' ability to command Titans and allows the scouts to escape home. We end on the shocking revelation that all Titans might originally have been humans.


After being rescued at the last moment, we meet our main cast atop the walls as they focus on regrouping. Talks of Historia and Ymir quiet as Reiner decides that it is finally time to reveal his true goals.

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The timing for this was horrible, but the actual revelation was world-shattering. Bertolt and Reiner are the Colossal and Armored Titans and try to recruit Eren to their cause. Of course, this doesn't go down well and Mikasa quickly tries to murder them. This episode will always be remembered for the news Reiner revealed during yet another moment of mental anguish for this tortured "warrior".


This episode mainly focuses on Levi as he makes the decision on who to revive, via the Titan Serum. It balances given reasons for reviving both characters along with showcasing the reactions of those who'd be most affected by his decision. Levi decides to use the serum on Armin, though we are not given a concrete reason as to why, only vague hints.

He does, however, comment that he chose not to use it on Erwin because it was finally time for him to rest. Despite ending here, we started with Zeke Yaeger promising to rescue a then confused Eren Yaeger.

3 THAT DAY 9.9

This episode deep dives into Attack On Titan lore and background. We get Grisha Yeager's backstory, starting from his childhood as a minority race being suppressed. We see the unjust death of his little sister swept under the carpet by a racist governmental system. Eventually, Grisha joins the rebel forces but it isn't until he meets Dina Fritz that things really begin to make sense. Dina's royal blood made Grisha and the rebels truly believe that they would be able to succeed.

Grisha and Dina then have a son and they make him a cornerstone of their plans to rebel. Zeke would later side with the Marleyans, rather than his own bloodline. This betrayal would eventually lead to the demise of the Yeager family.

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One side of Wall Maria is on fire following the transformation of the Colossal Titan and, on the other side, the scouts are being bombarded by boulders that are being thrown by the Beast Titan.

Eren tries to stall the Colossal but is easily tossed away onto Wall Maria where he slowly regenerates. The situation is bleak and the music in this episode really helps to create a hopeless mood. If that wasn't enough, Erwin starts to lament his impending death. He manages to shake that off before giving one of the best anime war speeches. This gave the scouts the motivation they needed to make one last charge for victory.

1 HERO 10

This episode opens on the scouts bravely charging against, a now enraged, Zeke Yeager in his Beast Titan form. He laments their apparent senseless charge at him, before pummelling them with more of his boulders. During this time, Levi expertly executed the Titan's in the surrounding area. Levi then sets his sights on the Beast Titan.

His speed and power are too much for a surprised Beast Titan to react. Levi defeats the Titan, but cannot execute him on the spot, as he thinks of stealing his Titan ability. This provided Zeke’s comrades with the opportunity to rescue him. Armin then comes up with a plan that allows Eren to defeat the colossal Titan, while the rest of the scouts work together to take down the Armored Titan. This is an absolutely sensational episode that does everything well.

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