'Attack on Titan' attraction opens at Universal Studios Japan

Although "Attack on Titan The Real" doesn't officially open until Friday, Universal Studios Japan offered a special preview today of the attraction based on the blockbuster manga and anime.

The video below, from the Mainichi Shinbun newspaper's MaiDiGi TV, captures the scale of the attraction's centerpiece, the life-size -- well, "life-size" -- statue of the 49-foot Eren Titan fighting the 46-foot female Titan. You can also see another, more ground-level statue, that encourages visitors to pose for photos as they're about to be devoured by the Smiling Titan from Hajime Isayama’s post-apocalyptic fantasy.

Kotaku was on hand for the tour, and focuses on the display of life-like statues of characters Armin, Levi and Mikasa, complete with close-up photos. There's also a review of the food, which is based on the expeditionary rations of the Survey Corps, the branch of the military in Attack on Titan most actively involved in fighting the giants.

"Attack on Titan The Real" is part of the "Universal Cool Japan" limited event at the Osaka theme park that also showcases Monster Hunter, Evangelion and Resident Evil. It continues through May 10.

(via Anime News Network)

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