10 Best Attack On Titan Cosplays

The last season of Attack on Titan comes out next year. After seven-years, fans will finally see the epic conclusion, but for now, let's look at some cosplays. Though the Attack on Titan military uniform isn't difficult to find on eBay or Amazon, pulling off the hairstyles and physiques of the characters is a whole other story.

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Unlike some other anime, there isn't a standard model for the characters, all of them are very varied in facial structure and height. Which cosplayers from around the world can pull off ten Attack on Titan characters the best?

10 Eren Jaeger

Via deviantart.com/kozekito/

The protagonist Eren is among the simpler characters to cosplay as, even if genuine accuracy is hard to find. Swedish cosplayer Kozekito manages to nail this with his version of the one and only angry titan-shifter. Aggestardust did some wonderful photography of this character portrayal.

Though he says he struggled with the difficult straps, the photos are definitely worth it. Kozekito styled and wears the wig perfectly. The cellar key is a perfect replica and perfectly to scale. He even pulls off the angry Eren demeanor but with a dash of seriousness and sass.

9 Armin Arlert

Via deviantart.com/dakuncosplay/

Because of Armin's feminine look (and feminine voice in the Japanese sub), more female cosplayers do this character than males. Italian hobbyist DakunCosplay and photographer Ginga-Bishounen did an amazing job portraying this tiny strategist.

Dakun manages to pull off Armin's slightly effeminate look with his posture and wig. His eyes are even bright and piercing. The 3D maneuvering gear looks amazingly accurate and the photo's background really gives the illusion of the character being within the walls.

8 Mikasa Ackerman

Via deviantart.com/jesuke/

Despite this being a Japanese show, Mikasa is one of the two Asian characters portrayed in the entire series (so far at least). Singaporean cosplayer Jesuke does a beautiful job with Mikasa. She looks exactly like the character, while Shiroang manages to capture this all-around accuracy with her photography.

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The 3D maneuvering gear is flawless and Jesuke has the classic red scarf around her neck. The wig is absolutely perfect and she's struck a perfect pose with her titan-slicing blades.

7 Jean Kirstein

Via deviantart.com/yamato-leaphere/

Jean's most prominent feature is his horse-face, as many other members of the Survey Corps continually remind him. He also has some vague resemblance to Eren, permitting no one looks at him too closely.

Italian cosplayer Yamato-Leaphere couldn't have done a better job with his cosplay. He has the perfect facial structure for Jean and manages to pull off that tough dual-colored wig. His cranky expression further brings Jean to life. The yellow contacts are a perfect finishing touch.

6 Sasha Braus

Via deviantart.com/happyhaha/

Sasha is one of the more non-descript characters on Attack on Titan. She's pretty average in appearance, but no one can forget her after the infamous potato scene followed by the scene where Sasha describes Krista as a god for bringing her a roll.

Australian cosplayer HAPPYHAHA does a wonderful job with her rendition of Potato Girl. She even made her 3D maneuvering gear and jacket! Photography Hoai Nguyen managed to capture her striking a perfect pose among this forested background with a roll in her mouth. It couldn't be more perfect!

5 Christa Renz/Historia Reiss

Via deviantart.com/lkainl/

Krista/Historia is the smallest in stature of the Survey Corps and barely passed into the top ten. Despite her physical inequities, she's captured the hearts of many, including Ymir and Reiner. Russian cosplayer lKainl is the spitting image of Historia. Though the costume pieces were purchased, she models them beautifully.

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Dantelian captured this beautiful photo with the wind in her lKainl's hair and a lovely forested background. All of this adds to the illusion that this cosplayer truly is Historia in real life!

4 Female Titan

Via deviantart.com/lleye/

This list would not be complete without a titan cosplay. The  Female Titan, aka (spoilers!) Annie, has the most feminine appearance of all of the titans, hence the name. She also has that striking amazingly-animated skinless exterior.

With mind-blowing body art done by Ashitaro, Russian cosplayer Lleye manages to pull off the uncanny likeness of the Female Titan! After a painstaking five hours, Ashitaro also took this photo. The clouds in the background create the illusion that this cosplayer is titan-high while Lleye's expression and pose are perfectly Annie.

3 Dot Pixis

Via deviantart.com/mokrushina/

Commander Pixis is one of the oldest members of the military, but he's still as spry as ever and has managed to survive the titans despite being intoxicated half the time. It's a marvelous rarity when you find a cosplayer the actual age of the character they're portraying, especially older ones.

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Though the identity of this cosplayer is just said as a "father of a cosplayer," Russian photographer mokrushina managed to shoot a picture of this crazily accurate Dot Pixis cosplay. This man looks exactly like Pixis from the mustache to the wrinkles, to the cheeky grin as he's holding that bottle of booze.

2 Erwin Smith

Via vk.com/olegkot

Commander Erwin's crazy thick eyebrows are his most prominent feature. It's difficult to pull them off and manage to look attractive at the same time but Russian cosplayer Oleg Kot succeeded in doing just that with his cosplay!

The hair is the exact color and even his nose is the exact shape as in the anime. Photographer kmitenkova managed to capture and edit this photo to perfection. Oleg Kot chose an unusual but simple Erwin cosplayer, but still, there's no mistaking that he's the star-crossed commander of the Survey Corps.

1 Levi Ackerman

Via instagram.com/cutsceneaddict/

Levi is short due to growing up underground and not getting enough to eat or enough sunlight. He doesn't sleep much because his past haunts him. Levi looks like a teenager but he's actually thirty. With all of this against him, Levi manages to be the most skilled soldier in the Survey Corps.

American cosplayer Cutsceneaddict brings him to life in this amazing cosplay. It takes three hours for her to put on the make-up; however, once the wig is on, she's the exact likeness of Levi. Shutter Spade Snapshots captured this photo of her wearing completely handmade foam Survey Corps wings to add a dash of uniqueness to this fantastic cosplay.

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