AT&T U-verse releases short film on Toronto's R.A.I.D. studio

Making comics is generally a solitary experience, but there are a few pockets of camaraderie that have sprung up where artists share a space and work together. One of the most thriving spaces is Toronto's R.A.I.D. Short for the Royal Academy of Illustration & Design, it's where some of today's top comic artists, including Francis Manapul, Ramón Pérez, Cary Nord and Kalman Andrasofzsky, do a majority of their work -- and they're now the subject of a short documentary film.

Filmed for AT&T U-Verse, Comic Book Artists: Next Generation, this short film gives an eye-opening look at the R.A.I.D. studio as well as the surrounding Toronto area in which these artists live and work. The studio was founded in 2003 by Cameron Stewart, Chip Zdarsky, Kagan McLeod and Ben Shannon, and while the founders have moved on, it still thrives 11 years later.

Just think about it: In one sole studio place in Toronto, there's artists working on Detective Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, New Warriors, Hawkeye and more.

Watch the nearly half-hour documentary on the U-Verse website.

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