"Atomika" #2 Trade Paperback Now Available

Official Press Release

Get ready to experience the conclusion of the astounding Atomika saga in one incredible trade paperback. Atomika TBP #2 collects the final six issues of the epic, mind-bending story of Atomika by Sal Abbinanti and Andrew Dab. With the entire world broken at his feet, Atomika stands at the center of a global Red Empire, loved and worshipped by billions.  But danger lurks in the shadows. Some believe Atomika has outlived his usefulness -- that he's a danger to the new world order -- and they'll stop at nothing to destroy him. Atomika has defeated gods, armies and nations, but now he faces his most dangerous enemies... those closest to him.  His friends, his family. And for the first time, Atomika is forced to wonder: is he truly a god... or a monster?

Created and penciled by Sal Abbinanti, and written by Andrew Dabb, this 145 page trade paperback features a cover by Gary Gianni and (back cover-Arthur Suydam), and a cover gallery spotlighting work from Travis Charest_Simone Bianchi, Claudio Castellini, Bill Sienkiewicz, Eric Powell, Simon Bisley and more. Atomika TPB #2 is available right now online at www.UniversalOutpost.com/ATOMIKA-God-Is-Red-Vol2-TPB-p/atomika-god-is-red-vol-2-tpb.htm#.T0lB7mtNQaB.email

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