"Atomic Robo: Violent Science" Comes to iOS in March

Official Press Release

Boutique game development and concept studio, Second Fiction, announced today that it plans to release its first action-platformer game Atomic Robo Violent Science in March 2013. Violent Science will be playable on any iOS device (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone) as a universal iOS app. The studio also plans to release the game on Windows Surface, Android and more shortly thereafter.

Violent Science is based on the episodic Graphic Novel, Atomic Robo.  It is an action platformer reminiscent of some retro (NES/SuperNintendo) platformers with a fast paced running style (being-chased style even) such as Temple Run or the more classic Pitfall.

Robo and his team of Action Scientists have detected an anomoly in an abandoned Soviet Weapons Depot.  It appears that one of Robo's greatest and most annoying recursive foes, Baron von Helsingard (or Helsie, as Robo chooses to quip) is looking for something of great power.  It's important that Atomic Robo finds it first.  As with his comic adventures, this self-realized robot scientist will use smarts over  robot-might as he tries to leave Helsie in the dust and put him on a well-executed path to destruction.  This is.. Violent Science.

"Some of my fondest memories were shaped by sitting with friends trying to smash each others scores. Violent Science was created specifically for the Atomic Robo fan but also current gamers who are looking for a challenging mobile title."  says Joseph Krzemienski who is Second Fiction's Creative Director.  One artistic aspect of the game, Krzemienski adds, is that many elements and animated frames are hand-drawn.

Violent Science is wrapped in a immersive comic-style interface that allows the player to upgrade Robo and Action Scientist team abilities.  These include a well-placed "Science Rifle" shot and electro-magnetism to collect in-game currency and power orbs.  Robo can also upgrade his own weapon, running-speed and resilience.  Users can create a customized experience with in-game options and utilize AppMobi's "Play Mobi" to challenge friends and view where they stand in the world on the Violent Science leaderboard.  While there are 5 worlds and 15 levels of mayhem, there are also several unlockable bonus stages and prospective add-on content due to start rolling out only a month or two after release.

Violent Science will feature a "chip-tunes" inspired soundtrack provided by none other than Virtual Boy as well as up and coming electronic artist, Antiskill.



Atomic Robo is an Eisner-nominated Graphic Novel series that has seen an exponentially increasing fanbase over the last several years.  It is the creation of Writer Brian Clevinger and Artist Scott Wegener and currently has seven books and six Free Comic Book Day paperbacks.  Now, Atomic Robo has it's first video game.  Not only will a video game be shortly added to the list of Robo inhabited media but also an animated film.  The film, Atomic Robo: Last Stop is the devise of Second Fiction Creative Director Joseph Krzemienski and his team of freelance animators called theFictory.

Violent Science, while developed by Second Fiction., is done so with permission and help from creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener as well as that of Atomic Robo publisher, Red 5 Comics.


Second Fiction, LLC is an Video Game and IP development company dedicated to creating great stories and game-play experiences powered by fantastic traditional art and 16-bit sensibilities.  The next release, Happy Tofu Dragon, a sushi-based RPG (role playing game), should be out in the late Spring of 2013.

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