Atomic Robo Kickstarter shoots past goal within hours of launch

Just hours after launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a companion "field guide" to Atomic Robo, creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener have already rocketed past their $7,500 pledge goal -- by more than $16,000. The project was fully funded within two hours.

Tesladyne Field Guide isn't a comic book, however: It's a handbook for employees of the fictional Tesladyne Industries, founded by Atomic Robo, that tackles such topics as "How To Deal With Errant Dinosaurs," "So You've Got An Evil Twin" and "Coping With Alternate Realities."

While the book is certainly incentive enough for many Atomic Robo fans to donate, some of the pledge rewards may be a big draw. "We [...] figured if we were doing a Kickstarter, then we should throw in some crazy tiers and do stuff we would never do if we were just opening an online store," Clevinger writes on the Kickstarter page. "So, we're making campaign exclusive polos and lab coats and other goodies that we will likely NEVER MAKE outside the Kickstarter."

The lower tiers feature prints, buttons, T-shirts and the like, but it's when you get to the $250 level that things start to get fun: the "Junior Action Scientist Kit," with lab coat and a Tesladyne polo shirt; the "Junior Doctor Dinosaur Kit," with a lab coat ("slightly ruined), "Genuine Hollow Earth Crystals"; and so on (the rewards for the $500 tier and one of the $250 tiers are already gone). Clevinger also quickly added stretch goals, which the campaign has already surpassed.

"We're choosing to err on the side of caution with regard to calling out our goals at this point," Clevinger writes. "We'd rather not say or suggest or imply what we're planning until we're 100% certain we can make it a reality. 'Cause otherwise we're just jerkin' your chains."

The Kickstarter campaign ends Aug. 9.

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