ATM skimming scheme discovered at Calgary Comic Expo site

If you used an ATM while at last weekend's Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, it may be a good idea to change your card's personal identification number.

Calgary's Metro reports police were alerted to a possible skimming scheme at the BMO Round Up Centre on Sunday after a man discovered double-sided tape on the ATM -- presumably securing the faceplate -- indicating someone had tampered with the machine.

When you slide your card into the ATM, a skimming device reads the account information stored electronically on the magnetic stripe. Depending on the device's sophistication, it may be able to read your PIN as you punch it on the ATM keypad.


"A guy who was on the ball and noticed something odd with the machine when double-sided tape came off alerted police this weekend, and I believe an arrest has been made," a police spokesman told the newspaper.

In addition to the comic convention, the BMO Centre played host last weekend to the Calgary Women’s Show and a Hitmen hockey game.

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