Atlanta children's hospital celebrates Cape Day

Late last week Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) marked the planned demolition of a 43-year hotel (and future site of its administration offices) with an event called Cape Day. The primary public face of the celebration was a 4-year-old former patient, DJ Pitts (aka Super DJ), who at age 3 accidentally ingested an industrial cleaner, resulting in a six-month stay at CHOA. While he was there, enduring more than 20 surgeries, he donned many different superhero capes to pass the time as he received treatment, to the delight of himself and everyone who met him.

From there, CHOA officials decided to build a Cape Day event on Nov. 7, the day before the demolition that will make it possible to construct new administration offices. The hospital rallied social media support throughout Atlanta, resulting in the city's mayor, members of the Atlanta Falcons, as well as several adults and children wearing capes and posting the photos online. Super DJ visited current patients, giving them capes to wear, as well as lifting the spirits of the children and their families.

In addition to giving out capes at the hospital, early on Nov. 8, Super DJ was escorted by a slew of heroes to press the button to initiate the demolition of the building. Enjoy some more photos posted by CHOA.

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