Zeus, lord of the Gods of Greece, realizes that humans are losing faith in him and his offspring-something that will, eventually, drive the Gods into extinction.

Fearing the end of his power-and the loss of those he loves-Zeus arranges for those he loves most to be sent to the human world and reborn with no memory of who they were-and what they could do.

The Goddess Athena, shorn of her powers, her knowledge (and her clothing) wakes up next to the Parthenon that was built in her honor in a human body-with no memory of who she was.

Years later, re-educated and working as an investigator for the District Attorney of New York, she finds herself interacting with others who are much like her-and finds that when danger threatens, she still has someone watching over her.

Someone who is ready to undo what has been done-and loose the wisdom and power of ATHENA on Earth once more.

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