<i>At The Mountains of Madness</i> Is Ready To Go

Guillermo del Toro is nearly ready to climb The Mountains of Madness.

The acclaimed filmmaker tells The Los Angeles Times that "he's actively engaged with the project and moving ahead with the tale of the mysteries and monsters on an Antarctic expedition," having just taken a "summit meeting" with Universal Pictures and producer James Cameron during which he walked everybody "through his concepts and models for the movie." The film's script is also ready, says del Toro, meaning that the Pan's Labyrinth director's passion project is very close to being a go project.

Del Toro is so confident that a green light is on the way that he's looking to begin production this summer, hopefully as early as June. As for Cameron's personal involvement, del Toro said that the Avatar filmmaker has contributed some critical ideas.

"In his subtle style he said to me, 'I have a few notes, but I have one fatal flaw [that I see in the script],'" he said. "He pointed out one thing that was big. I've been thinking about this for 35 years, and he pointed out something I'd never seen."

Actor Ron Perlman is up for a role in Madness, and the Sons of Anarchy star revealed his thoughts on the screenplay in a recent interview with Spinoff Online: "I’ve actually read the script and it’s magnificent. [Writer/director Guillermo del Toro] wrote a role for me which is phenomenal. I’m just hoping that logistically it all works. It’s gonna be a little bit of a conflict with some other things I’ve got on the board, but I’ve gotta be there for this one."

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