At 62, eternal teenager Bazooka Joe is getting a makeover

Bazooka Candy Brands thinks it's time for a new Bazooka Joe -- Bazooka Joe 2.0, if you will.

The division of Topps has enlisted four artists to develop new looks for the 62-year-old (yet eternally youthful) character, whose tiny comic strips encased the company's pink bubblegum until a couple of years ago.

The designs by Benjamin Balistreri (How to Train Your Dragon), Robert Lilly (Nickelodeon Animation Studios), Ben Reynolds (mobile games for Ghostbusters and Monster Pet Shop) and Victor Instrasomnbat (Clockwork Animation) will be shared weekly on BazookaJoe.com, where fans can vote for their favorites.

As you can see on the website, and in the image below, each of the designs so far retains Bazooka Joe's signature eye patch. However, the cap appears to be optional. So far, the skateboarding Joe looks to be winning in a landslide.

However, the promotion continues through May 31, with the winning design debuting in June, with new comics -- and new jokes! -- appearing later this year. That's right: The Bazooka Joe comic strip is returning, although it's unclear whether it will be wrapped around any gum.

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