'Astronauts in Trouble' touches down on-line at Cool Beans World

Official Press Release

CoolBeansWorld is proud to announce the arrival of the highly acclaimed science-fiction drama "Astronauts In Trouble" from writer Larry Young and artist Charlie Adlard.

It's fifty years since Neil Armstrong took one small step for mankind, and a greedy billionaire has his sights trained on some prime real estate - the Moon! Stay tuned, as Channel 7 brings you constant updates on the perilous scramble to stake a claim for our orbiting satellite, while idealistic eco-warriors will stop at nothing to keep the Sea of Tranquility as tranquil as possible. A highly regarded and delirious mix of old fashioned adventure, light hearted humour and nail-biting political thriller, "Astronauts In Trouble" is a free-floating space-age protein pill of a story and yet another classic addition to the Cool Beans World online portfolio.

CoolBeansWorld can be found at www.coolbeansworld.com, subscriptions start from only $2.95 for four weeks access to seven on-going stories from creators such as John Bolton, Clive Barker, Pat Mills and Simon Bisley, as well as online games, features and desktop goodies.

About Cool Beans Productions

As one of the UK's leading players in digital content creation, Cool Beans Productions (www.coolbeansproductions.com) has a wealth of experience in bringing ideas and concepts to life in both 2D and 3D and also for wireless platforms such as WAP and PDA's. Applying the same software technology that was used by Pixar in "Toy Story" and "A Bug's Life", we create breathtaking computer generated (CG) visuals and animation for leading new media and entertainment companies. May 2001 saw the launch of the eagerly awaited CoolBeansWorld™ (www.coolbeansworld.com) a dark and gritty comics web-channel that redefines famous comic book heroes and stories, featuring exclusive new material by top writers and artists in the comic book business such as Simon Bisley, Pat Mills and Kevin Eastman.

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