Astro City TV Series In the Works From American Gods Producer

Astro City

Long-running comic book series Astro City could soon become a live-action television series from the same people who adapted American Gods.

According to Deadline, FremantleMedia North America has acquired the rights to the Astro City franchise in the hopes of creating a television drama. Series creator Kurt Busiek and Rick Alexander will write the pilot episode, with Gregory Noveck, Alexander and Busiek serving as executive producers.

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For those worried about whether or not a television series would be able to properly adapt Astro City, Busiek seemed optimistic. “Everyone, at every turn, is supportive, helpful and completely focused on capturing the feel of Astro City and bringing it to life as a TV show,” the writer explained in a press release.

Originally created by Busiek, Brent Anderson and Alex Ross, Astro City debuted in 1995 under Image Comics before making its way over to DC Comics. Busiek holds all rights to the franchise, allowing him to sell them wherever he likes.

The franchise has since spanned 16 different loosely connected story arcs spread across several different titles. The universe has also created hundreds of original characters ready for adaptation.

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