'Astro Boy Reboot' Takes Flight With First Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer for the "Astro Boy Reboot" debuted over the weekend at the Monaco Anime Game International Conference, revealing a first look at the television revival, which employs a blend of CG and traditional animation.

Officially announced in June from Tezuka Productions, Shibuya Productions and Caribara Animation, the 26-episode series is aimed at viewers ages 8 to 12. No U.S. distributor has been announced.

Introduced in a manga series published from 1952 to 1968, Astro Boy is a powerful robot created by the head of the Ministry of Science, Dr. Tenma (aka Dr. Astor Boyton II), to replace his dead son. The scientist soon rejects Astro Boy, who eventually ends up in the care of the kind, new head of the Ministry of Science, where he fights evil and injustice.

Astro Boy has been adapted several times for television, most famously in 1963, and most recently for the big screen in 2009 in a CG-animated film that grossed just $44 million worldwide.

(via Animation Scoop)

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