Rosenberg & Land Join Astonishing X-Men, Tease New Team Member

Writer Matthew Rosenberg (PunisherNew Mutants) and artist Greg Land (The Incredible Hulk) are the new creative team on Astonishing X-Men, beginning with Issue #13 on July 4. The series will also see a new team lineup of Havok, Beast, Warpath, Colossus, Dazzler and a mystery member.

Astonishing X-Men #13 marks the return of the Reavers, who are bringing with them a secret weapon that only Havok knows about.

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“We’re taking a slightly different approach to our X-Men on this team,” Rosenberg said in a press release. “The reasons they are together and what their mission is means that they are playing a role in the Marvel Universe that the X-Men haven’t played in a while.”

After the announcement, Rosenberg posted on Twitter, "For those wondering our team is HAVOK and BEAST as co-leaders. DAZZLER brings the firepower. COLOSSUS brings the muscle. WARPATH brings the knives. And *maybe* there is another team member we aren't talking about yet? And no, I won't spoil it."

Havok is still suffering the effects of the 2014 event Axis, which left the hero's personality inverted to that of a villain. He is currently working with the White Queen, Bastion and Miss Sinister to infect the world's population with the Mothervine virus, thereby making mutants the dominant species on the planet.

Astonishing X-Men #13 cover by Greg Land

Writer Charles Soule and a team of rotating artists are the current creative team on Astonishing X-Men. The series brought the X-Men's founder, Professor Charles Xavier, back from the dead, and has put the team up against threats like the Shadow King and Proteus.

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Astonishing X-Men #13 arrives on July 4 from Marvel Comics.

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