Marvel's Down on Their Luck X-Men Band Together For An Astonishing New Era

The mutant heroes of the Marvel Universe are outcasts in that they protect a world that fears and hates them, but at least they have a place to belong in the X-Men or another heroic mutant team. What happens though to the heroes who find themselves alienated from the X-Men or unsure of their place in the Marvel Universe's premier mutant team? Where do they go? How do they protect the world when they're trying to find their place in it?

In July, the new Astonishing X-Men creative team of writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Greg Land will set out to answer those questions and more as they kick off their run on the book with issue #13. CBR spoke with Rosenberg about his cast of misfit mutants, how the cybernetic Reavers are their perfect initial foil, and how his run will differ from the run of previous Astonishing writer, Charles Soule.

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CBR: I know landing a monthly X-Men book is a dream assignment for you, but what's your vision for Astonishing X-Men? Will this be like Charles Soule's run before you in that you're telling one long form story with this specific set of characters, or are you doing something totally different?

Matthew Rosenberg: First of all, yes. Doing X-Men is a dream come true for me and I still keep thinking their going to call and say "just kidding, dummy." I should get over that since, ya know, they paid me. But it is surreal.

As for what the book is like, that's a tricky question for a few reasons. Charles has done an amazing job of creating these big, urgent X-Men stories. It's so exciting to take over for him, and really terrifying.

With that said, what we are doing is very different. I think there will be themes and ideas that carry through and people recognize, but in a way ours is the other side of the coin. While Charles and company had these big hero moments, we follow a team that is struggling to find their place and find themselves. A few of our cast our lapsed X-Men, or down on their luck, and they're trying to do right. It's still a big story that will have ramifications for the characters and universe going forward, but in some ways, it's a bit more personal.

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