Extermination’s Kill List Just Added Two New X-Men

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Astonishing X-Men #13's "Countdown to Extermination" post-credits scene by Ed Brisson, Oscar Bazaldua, Erick Arciniega and VC's Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

Writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Greg Land's tenure on Astonishing X-Men begins with Issue #13, which also kickstarts the process of introducing a new team lineup. Though the full roster hasn't come together just yet, we know Havok and Beast are the co-leaders, with Dazzler, Warpath, Colossus and a mystery character (who makes a brief cameo appearance in the story) rounding out the rest of the cast.

The present may be bright for these X-Men, but we know the future holds nothing but death and destruction for Marvel's mutants, thanks to the upcoming event series, Extermination. The final page of Astonishing X-Men #13 continues the "Countdown to Extermination" post-credit scenes that are set twenty years in the future, and find the X-Men being hunted and wiped off the face of the Earth by the Sentinels.

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So far, the massacre has claimed the time-traveling Beast from X-Men Blue on the campus of the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, and the entire X-Men Gold team, with the odds of Jean Grey's X-Men Red surviving looking very slim. The last team remaining is the Astonishing X-Men, but as we see in the latest Extermination one-page epilogue, the last two members left standing are Dazzler and Warpath.

The first panel takes us to the remains of the Xavier Institute, as various X-Men lay dead among the rubble. A Sentinel confirms only two mutant lifeforms remain, as we see an extremely outnumbered Dazzler and Warpath preparing for what will be their final attack.

Unfortunately, our pair of heroes never get close to the Sentinels, as the mutant-hunting robots merely raise their robotic hands in the air, unleashing a massive energy blast that evaporates Warpath and Dazzler. With that, what would appear to be the last of the X-Men are no more, victims of the Extermination.

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Along with tying into every Uncanny X-Men story ever told with Charles Xavier's original X-Men, Extermination will also include the villain Ahab, from the Days of Future Past timeline, and Cable's militaristic X-Force.

These final page tags are leading to the launch of Extermination in August, from writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz. The series will focus on the young, time-displaced X-Men and finally bring their time paradox to a fitting conclusion. The X-Men's choice to stay in the present-day has caused a ripple effect that as of now, will culminate with the death of every mutant twenty years in the future. It's up to Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast and Angel to prevent that grim future from happening.

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