Astonish Factory offers Herobear Flip Book

Official Press Release

[Flipped]LOS ANGELES - The newest book coming from Astonish Comics is Flipped by Mike Kunkel. It was introduced at the 2001 San Diego Comicon. It is a 140 page book of flippable animation artwork. It will feature characters, scenes, and possibly artwork by other creators. The book will grow into a new type of storytelling medium, where the reader will not only see a scene of animation, but will actually follow a story by flipping the pages. Simply, it is a "comic-flip book."

The first issue has a scene based on the Eisner-nominated series Herobear and the kid. It shows little Tyler changing his stuffed Herobear into the real Herobear, and then they fly off to into the camera. This first one has a limited run of only 2000. It is 140 pages and has a cover price of $9.95. With the exciting response in San Diego, issue #2 is already in the works.

The book will always promote character and fun in comics and their relation to animation. Further issues will contain animated scenes,stories, and other artwork, with different artists occasionally guesting on the book. The idea for the book continues to promote the"animation way" from Astonish Comics.

About Astonish Comics

Astonish Comics is Mike Kunkel's southern California-based home of the Eisner-nominated series Herobear and the kid, as well as the new title Zoom's Academy for the Super Gifted, by creator Jason Lethcoe, and the newly released Flipped.

By pulling from years of experience in the animation world, on numerous Animated Features and Television projects, the three year old Astonish Comics company has set out to tell comics stories in a new way, the Animation Way. For more information on Flipped and all things Astonish, pleased visit the web site at www.theastonishfactory.com

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