Astonish Comics merges with Blue Dream Studios

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA -- Astonish Comics, owned by two-time Eisner Award winner Mike Kunkel, has joined forces with Blue Dream Studios, a 3-D animation studio owned by Scott Christian Sava. The new company, named The Astonish Factory, will be made up of four divisions: Astonish Comics, Astonish Books, Astonish Toys, and Astonish Studios.

The publishing divisions – Astonish Comics and Astonish Books – will publish over 20 new comics and books in 2004. Titles will include a brand new Herobear and the kid story arc; a children's book by Kunkel and Randy Heuser called The Land of Sokmunster; a comic series compiling Ted Dawson's syndicated cartoon strip Spooners; more hilarious issues of Esteban and Livingston in The Lab; and an epic 24-issue fantasy series from Sava called The Dreamland Chronicles that will be done in fully rendered 3-D graphics.

Astonish Studios will be dedicated to developing The Factory's intellectual properties into animation for television, feature films, and video games, while Astonish Toys will focus on developing plush, action figures, and statues based on its properties.

"The Astonish Factory is the perfect next step. The idea of Scott and I combining strengths is something that just seemed very natural," said Kunkel, "because both our companies' styles and sensibilities complement each other. Now we can take the Astonish brand stories and characters into so many other areas…not just comics, but books, films, toys and more."

Sava, whose The Lab was a title already published by Astonish Comics and who was the artist on Spider-Man: Quality of Life said: "Thanks to the success of our animation studio, Mike and I have been able to do what we've wanted to for many years -- The Astonish Factory! Now with a full schedule of titles and a dedication to great all-ages comics and books we're going to show the world comics are still for kids."

The first releases from The Astonish Factory are slated for December 2003 and will include: The Land of Sokmunster, Spike the Sokmunster (a 7-inch plush toy), and the previously mentioned The Dreamland Chronicles. Books and toys will be available at finer bookstores and comic book shops everywhere.

The Astonish Factory encourages readers to "remember your childhood…and pass it on."

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