Astonish Comics announces new 'Herobear and the Kid' story arc

Official Press Release

Toluca Lake, CA -- December 11, 2003 -- Astonish Comics is pleased to announce a brand new story arc in the continuing adventures of Herobear and the kid. When the first chapter wrapped up, there were exciting secrets revealed in the life of the young hero Tyler and his magical toy, Herobear. Now Mike Kunkel's two-time Eisner Award winning comic book returns with a new story offering even more surprises and adventure.

Herobear and the kid: Saving Time #1 (Astonish Comics, February 2003, $3.50, 48 pages, black and white with spot color) is the first in a brand new three-issue story that features Tyler attempting to protect his butler, Henry, from the mysterious and maniacal Von Klon and his collection of strange toys. Being a normal kid is hard enough -- worrying about the annoying Bullio Brothers, dealing with substitute teachers who give you detention, being nervous around the beautiful Vanessa -- but now Tyler has to save his trusted butler on top of everything else. Good thing Tyler has the best friend in the world, Herobear.

"I have been extremely anxious," said creator Mike Kunkel, "to move forward on Herobear and the kid's next chapter. I have some very fun surprises in store for Tyler's world that I hope the fans will like. I also think fans will like the special 'in-between book' with some extra secrets and scribbles."

The "in-between book" will feature an extra six pages that tell the story of what happens "in-between" two of the pages of the regular story, plus an additional four pages of artwork (a total of 10 extra pages). This special companion book to Herobear and the kid: Saving Time #1 will be available on a limited basis; specialty retailers who place an order of 25 or more copies of the first issue will receive the "in-between book" free.

Issue #1 of Herobear and the kid: Saving Time will be available at finer comic book shops everywhere.

The Astonish Factory encourages readers to: "Remember your childhood…and pass it on."


Astonish Comics was founded in 1999 by Mike Kunkel. In September 2003, Kunkel merged his studios with Scott Christian Sava's Blue Dream Studios, forming The Astonish Factory. Under that umbrella is now Astonish Comics, Astonish Books, Astonish Toys, and Astonish Studios. Having both worked in animation in Hollywood on numerous features and television projects, they strive to tell comic stories in a new way -- The Animation Way. Please visit at www.theastonishfactory.com.

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