'Asterix' co-creator Albert Uderzo ends feud with daughter

The bitter, drawn-out legal battle between Asterix co-creator Albert Uderzo and his daughter Sylvie has at last come to an end, the two announced today.

According to Agence France-Presse, they said in a joint statement that they are "reunited again and determined to make a clean sweep of the grievances raised by both sides." Any existing legal complaints will be dropped.

The dispute dates back to at least 2007, when Sylvie and her husband Bernard de Choizy were dismissed from their senior positions at Les Éditions Albert René, the publishing company Albert founded in 1979, following the death of Asterix co-creator Rene Goscinny. The family quarrel erupted into the public eye two years later, when Sylvie criticized her father’s decision to sell his stake in the company to Hachette Livre and authorize the publisher to continue Asterix after his death.

Sylvie, who maintains a 40-percent stake in Asterix, insisted Albert was being manipulated by his advisers, and in 2011 sued to have her parents declared mentally incapable of running their affairs. Her father responded in December 2013 with legal action of his own, accusing Sylvie and her husband of "psychological violence." That same month, a French judge dismissed Sylvie's lawsuit, finding Albert -- now 87 years old -- “lucid” with "the full capacity to make decisions.”

But they've now put all of that behind them, saying in a statement, "The Uderzo couple and their daughter are again reconciled and are determined to make a clean slate reciprocally, with regard to the reproaches made by both sides. They wish henceforth to enjoy in full their newly rediscovered happiness."

The 35-album Asterix series has sold more than 352 million copies worldwide.

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