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The anthology Ink + Paper is about to release its second issue, and again has a cracking line-up of contributors, including assorted U.K. graphic novelists, cartoonists and children's book illustrators. I'll be getting this, if just for the strip by Will Morris, whose The Silver Darlings will be out soon from Blank Slate, and which I'm anticipating eagerly.

Below: Dredd, Tank Girl, another NSFW Jamie Hewlett watercolor, and more

Richard McAuliffe's Everything Comes Back To 2000AD blog is the place to go to see preview "pages" from the new Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 game from the Australian developer Tin Man. It's an iOS app based on the style of the old choose-your-own-adventure/Fighting Fantasy-type gamebooks that acted as a gateway drug for many youngsters getting into role-playing games in the early Eighties. There's a short promo video for the app over at YouTube, too, and lots more preview art at Pete Wells' 2000AD Covers Uncovered blog.

Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin is self-publishing a gloriously home-made poster magazine and selling it through eBay. It features a new Jamie Hewlett piece on the cover; a classic, if little-seen, Hewlett illustration in the center as a poster; and a sticker, a postcard and a badge.

As noted before, Martin's Facebook page is the place to go to see exclusive new Hewlett watercolors, done in his current state of semi-retirement in France from pop stardom. Here's the latest:

And in the "and finally" slot: once upon a time, I used to compare U.K. comic artist Marc Laming's work to Ming Doyle's, but recently he's posted updates to his blog that have reminded me greatly of that slick assured line used by Chris Sprouse or Michael Golden.


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