Associate Editor Nathan Cosby to leave Marvel

Marvel Associate Editor Nathan Cosby, who oversaw such titles as Thor: The Mighty Avenger, the Oz adaptations and Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, announced this morning that he's leaving the publisher.

"So this is my last week working as an editor at Marvel," he wrote on Twitter. "It's sad leaving, having worked with such great writers/pencilers/inkers/colorists/letterers/production people/fellow editors. Gonna miss! I'm moving on to do other stuff (I'll explain later, when it's announced). I have a few comic things in early stages & I'll still tweet. [...] My new job's probably (hopefully) gonna give me a lot more free time to let my mind wander, so ..."

Between Twitter and his Tumblr blog, Cosby has maintained a regular online presence, previewing art, interviewing creators and editors, doling out advice on breaking into the industry, and offering his own unique takes on Marvel characters.

(via The Beat)

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