Assemble adorableness with LEGO's WALL•E set

If you saw Pixar's smash-hit "WALL•E" -- and if you haven't, you should -- and thought to yourself, "I want one," well, you're going to get your chance with the upcoming "WALL•E" LEGO set based on a LEGO Ideas submission by Pixar animator Angus MacLane. The official news of LEGO moving forward with the idea came a little while back, but now we've got a first look at the set and a possible release date. And if these images are any indication, the adorableness is way over 9000.

The SmythsToys website have created a product page for the upcoming set with a release date of December 1, 2015 and a price tag of €57.99. Admittedly, there is a chance the images could be simply placeholders but for now we're assuming the final product will look either identical or incredibly close. Either way, the cuteness has gotten us very excited.

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