Assassin's Creed: Uprising #5

After coming to blows with a mysterious and highly​ ​powered faction, the Assassin Brotherhood is on high​ ​alert.​ ​Looking to the past for​ ​answers, Charlotte de​ ​la Cruz hoped to make sense of recent events via​ ​the memories of her ancestor, the Spanish anarchist​ ​Assassin Ignacio Cardona, but upon entering the​ ​Animus, found herself trapped in the limbo-like​ memory corridor alongside the malevolent precursor​ ​entity, Juno.

Discovering the true nature of the rogue faction​ ​and their shocking plans to bring forth a New World​ ​Order, Charlotte and her allies now face the biggest​ ​test of their lives. But in order to save the world, some​ ​uneasy alliances will need to be forged...

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