Image's Assassin Nation Calls on 20 Hitmen to Save a Hitman

What happens when you put the best 20 hitmen in the world together in one room? Writer Kyle Starks, artist Erica Henderson and letterer Deron Bennett aim to find out. In their new Image Comics series Assassin Nation, the former top hitman will hire the current top 20 to be his bodyguards.

To celebrate the announcement, Image dropped a trailer for the series featuring Henderson's artwork and the tagline, "Can a bunch of hitman get along long enough to kill this killer?"

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According to the series synopsis,

When an assassin tries to kill the former top hitman in the world, he hires the current top 20 hitmen to be his bodyguards. Death, comedy and action ensue.

A handful of preview pages from the series, which you can check out below, promises "mayhem, action, comedy" and "revenge." Playing up the humor of the situation, this cadre of killers boasts a host of over-the top names, like Connie the Tank, Rumble Deathpatch, F*ck Tarkington, David Bowie Knife and Meat Stick.

Starks is best known for Sexcastle, which earned an Eisner nomination, but his credits also include Rick and Morty, Invader Zim and Rock Candy Mountain. Henderson had an impressive 37-issue run on Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl before stepping down to pursue other projects earlier this year. An Eisner Award-nominated letterer, Bennett has a body of work that includes Jim Henson's Tale of Sand, Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, The Muppet Show Comic Book, Darkwing Duck and Quixote.

Starks, Henderson and Bennett's Assassin Nation #1 goes on sale March 13, 2019, with a FOH date of February 18, 2019.

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