Aspiring editor gets a burger and advice from Joe Quesada

If Greg Pelkofski have anything to say about it, he'll be making comics for years to come. Hoping to get some advice on how to do that, the 21-year-old fan and aspiring comics editor paid $536.51 to have lunch with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada as a part of one of the Hero Initiative's fund-raising efforts.

"Almost immediately, Joe began asking me questions about myself and I was able to explain my desire to be a comic book editor," he wrote. "With an attentive ear, he patiently listened to me speak of my college studies and my experience as an intern at AARP. He explained how tough it is to actually break into comics, especially in today’s job market, but he also told of how rewarding the work is. We discussed editorial work in comics and what a typical day at Marvel is like, and I found myself wanting to work there now more than ever."

Head over to the organization's blog for a guest post by Pelkofski about the experience.

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