Aspen's Lady Mechanika Sells Out Again

Official Press Release

Aspen is proud to announce that the recently released second printing edition of Joe Benitez's red-hot Lady Mechanika #0, has sold out at the Diamond level. The first printing of the hit new series premiered on October 6th and sold out within a few days. Immediately responding to further demand for the issue, Aspen headed back to press on a second printing of the series, which debuted to critical acclaim upon its release.

Lady Mechanika is created, written and drawn by superstar artist Joe Benitez, along with colors by Peter Steigerwald. The thrilling action-adventure features the tale of Lady Mechanika and her search for answers to her true identity, answers which may come with a fatal price-her life. Benitez has created a world where steampunk fuses with the supernatural, and all bets are off. Aspen has released the following statement regarding the second printing sell out:

"We couldn't have asked for a better response to the very first offering of Lady Mechanika, and we'd like to thank the fans and retailers for their strong support of the launch of the series. Together with creator Joe Benitez, we look forward to delivering even more exciting issues of Lady Mechanika coming up shortly for everyone to enjoy."

Fans who missed out on the first and second printings of Lady Mechanika #0 will not have to wait long to get their fix, however, as Aspen has announced they will be releasing a limited third printing of Lady Mechanika #0 to coincide with the debut of Lady Mechanika #1 in early December. The third printing edition of Lady Mechanika #0 will feature a special line-art cover by the series team of Benitez and Steigerwald.

Please note that some copies of the first and second printings of Lady Mechanika #0 may still be available at the retail level. Fans are encouraged to check with their local retailer for available copies. For more information on Aspen Comics please check www.AspenComics.com or www.AspenStore.com.

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