Aspen Signs With Benderspink

Aspen Comics inked a deal with Benderspink, the management and production company behind such films as Horrible Bosses 2 and A History of Violence, Deadline reports.

“We are starting to rep comic companies because every one outside of DC and Marvel seem to be underutilized,” Benderspink partner J.C. Spink said.

The aim of course is to develop the publisher's properties, which include Fathom, Soulfire and Executive Assistant: Iris, for the screen.

Deadline notes that Fathom, created by Aspen founder Michael Turner (who passed away in 2008), had been in development at Fox Atomic, with Megan Fox attached to star. However, the film rights have reverted back to the publisher. The website characterizes the property as "one of the powerhouse properties in the publisher’s arsenal."

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