Aspen Showcase: Benoist #1

Story by
Art by
Micah Gunnell, Rob Stull
Colors by
John Starr
Cover by
Aspen Comics

Aspen newest anthology series, ASPEN SHOWCASE, combines some of today's finest creators with several of comics best loved properties and characters.

SOULFIRE's popular hero Benoist takes center stage in ASPEN SHOWCASE: BENOIST #1, his first Showcase appearance! Once employed by Rainier Industries, Benoist worked on utilizing the most advanced technology on the planet to further along modern science. However, his relationship with his nefarious boss soon took a freefall, nearly costing him his life--and so much more! Discover the secrets behind Benoist's tragic history and the people and events that shaped his arrival within the pages of the current SOULFIRE storyline.

ASPEN SHOWCASE: BENOIST #1 is GUARANTEED in stores September 24th, 2008!

RETAILER NOTE: ASPEN SHOWCASE: BENOIST #1 will ship with two different covers by artist Micah Gunnell and current Legion of Superheroes artist, Francis Manapul. Each cover is available to order separately, with no quantity limitation or restrictions.

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