Aspen seeks to broaden appeal of 'Fathom's' Kiani with redesign

Aspen Comics has unveiled a redesign of its often scantily clad Fathom heroine Kiani, set to be introduced in February with the launch of the fourth volume of her series.

The update of the decade-old Michael Turner character comes courtesy of  artists Giuseppe Cafaro (All New Fathom), Wes Hartman and Alex Konat (both of Fathom: Kiani fame).

"When Kiani was created in 2004, she was an instant hit with Aspen fans because of the depth of her personality and her unique character design," Vince Hernandez, Aspen editor-in-chief and Fathom: Kiani writer, said in a statement. "And as our company and fan base continue to evolve, a new generation of readers will be introduced to this wonderful character, including a much larger female audience. We wanted to honor that spirit of progress by updating the look and feel of the series with an exciting new design."

The change comes even as Aspen has signed a deal with management and production company Benderspink. A Fathom film had been in development at Fox Atomic, with Megan Fox attached to star, but the rights have reverted back to the publisher.

The new four-issue Fathom: Kianai miniseries will debut Feb. 11, with standard covers by Cafaro and Konat, and retailer incentive covers by Agnes Garbowska.

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