"Aspen Seasons Summer" #1 Press Release

Official Press Release

Looking to top off a tremendous summer of new releases, Aspen MLT, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to their critically-acclaimed Aspen Seasons line with the release of the Aspen Seasons: Summer 2006 #1 . The Aspen Seasons Summer issue will continue the trend set by the previous two incarnations of the line, and will focus on exploring Aspen's properties with tales from both the Fathom and Soulfire universes.

The Fathom tale will be written and illustrated by artist Peter Steigerwald, who will look to deliver another strong examination of the habitat and humanity of the underwater civilization of the Blue. Aspen Seasons: Summer 2006 #1 will look to examine uncharted waters all around with two unique stories, Steigerwald's Fathom and Michael Turner's Soulfire . Aspen Executive Vice President Frank Mastromauro details the goals of the Seasons line:

"One of the objectives we aim to achieve with our line of Aspen Seasons books is to establish a deeper understanding of our properties and this book allows us to do that. Our Spring and Fall editions included original content that was a departure from each series' respective storylines, but at the same time, helped to expand their universes. Upcoming   Aspen Seasons titles will also adhere to this theme, whether it involve a Fathom , Soulfire , or Shrugged tale."

Aside from Peter Steigerwald's Fathom story, Aspen Seasons Summer # 1 will also feature a Soulfire story with special guest artist Khari Evans taking the helm on the pencils. Written by Vince Hernandez and featuring colors by Beth Sotelo, the Soulfire story will reveal the sinister and bloody trail left by the villainous Mr. Abel upon his quest for power. Aspen Seasons: Summer 2006 #1 will be in stores in September and is 32 pages full color and will feature an all-new cover by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald.

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