Aspen Comics Presents "Fathom: Kiani"

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Aspen Comics is ready to deliver the first of many new projects in 2007, with the initial launch returning readers to the number one best-selling adventure drama series Fathom. "Michael Turner's Fathom: Kiani" hits comic book stores in late January and explores the runaway fan-favorite Fathom character, the popular warrior mistress Kiani in her own solo tale. The new "Kiani" series will bridge the gap between the epic "Fathom: Volume Two" and the heavily anticipated, upcoming "Fathom: Volume Three." Michael Turner chimes in on the scope of this new mini-series:

"It's obvious since her debut in Fathom, that Kiani demanded her own series. The fan's reaction to her was huge, and we're more than happy to satisfy their demand. The book will be both a great jumping on point for new Fathom readers, yet long-time followers will see many of their burning questions finally answered!"

The new Fathom: Kiani mini-series is written by Vince Hernandez and features the talents of penciler Marcus To (Marvel Comic's "Civil War Black Panther") and colorist Peter Steigerwald ("Soulfire," "Ultimate Wolverine"). "Fathom: Kiani debuts with the release of Fathom: Kiani #0 in late January followed by Kiani #1 in March. The zero issue will feature covers by series artists Marcus To and Peter Steigerwald, and a special teaser cover variant by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald. The series will feature an array of guest cover artists for issues one through four including Michael Turner, Talent Caldwell, Andy Park, Randy Green and more. As to what the team has in store for the series, Turner offered up this hint:

"This series sets the stage for "Fathom: Volume Three" in a big way. Fathom fans be warned: expect the unexpected!"

"Fathom: Kiani" begins in March with issue one featuring a regular cover by To and Steigerwald, and variant covers from Turner and Caldwell. Fans looking to catch up on the events of Fathom can also look forward to the "Fathom: Volume 2: Into The Deep" trade paperback available in April. This huge collection will be available in both hardcover and standard formats.

Fathom: Kiani #1 (JAN073398)

Fathom: Kiani #0 (NOV063312)

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