ASICS Launches G.I. Joe Themed Shoe and Clothing Line

Hasbro and footwear brand ACIS have announced a new partnership to release G.I. Joe-branded apparel, available exclusively through Foot Locker.

Featuring sneakers, t-shirts, baseball caps and more, the licensed apparel have designs and colors inspired by fan-favorite characters Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. The apparel will be produced through New Era and Hex.

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"ASICS has a solid reputation of launching innovative designs to consumers across the globe and we are proud to bring G.I. Joe characters to life in an entirely original way," Hasbro General Manager and Senior Vice President of Entertainment and Licensing Casey Collins explained in a written statement. "We know fans and collectors will appreciate the care and detail ASICS has taken in every aspect of the release from the shoe detailing to the packaging.”

The two rival ninjas adorn sets of sneakers as part of ACIS' GEL-LYTE III line, providing maximum comfort in the soles. The shoes are designed by pop artist Anderson Bluu. The bottom of both sets of G.I. Joe sneakers have the face of Zartan, a villain playing a key role in the dynamic between the two ninjas. The apparel is available at Foot Locker now.

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