Ashley Wood reveals 'Popbot'

[Popbot]Ashley Wood spoke with CBR News Tuesday to provide a few more details concerning Monday's report that he would be working with David Mack on a new book called "Popbot."

"Popbot is a book I'm putting out through IDW. (It's) a semi regular book that'll feature Popbot and his pal kitty," revealed Wood. "They reside in a universe of thousands of subcultures and those subcultures sometimes become the main characters of the stories. The book will be out in January - it will be 8 1/2 x 11 and run 48 pages long."

Wood also provided a little more detail regarding the exact duties that he and David Mack would share on the book.

"The collaboration with Mack will be a collaboration of the truest sort," said Wood. "It will see Mack writing the story, interlaced with my concepts, and we'll both collaborate on the art."

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