Ashley Wood Embarks On An Entirely New "Adventure"

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA -Ashley Wood has been re-thinking, renouncing and revitalizing typical approaches to comic books since he entered the industry over a decade ago. Whether it be through his work on creator-owned titles like Popbot and Lore, his revival of '70s horror magazines in Doomed, his groundbreaking work on Metal Gear Solid, or his series of art books like Sencilla Fanta and Swallow, Wood has continued to push the boundaries of what comics fans should expect from the medium. But never before has he used words and pictures in such a cohesive, ground-breaking way as his January-bound new title, D'Airain Aventure.

It's easier to describe what this new title isn't than to quantify what all it is. It isn't going to have any ads-instead, it will offer a full 32 pages of story and art, and even go so far as to debut with front and back cover flaps, both of which will also be adorned by Wood cartoons; it isn't going to be your typical comic book adventure-instead, it will consist of a series of overlapping stories and vignettes, and feature characters from Wood's Les Mort 13 to Popbot to possibly even Aleister Crowley's offspring, and much more.

Coming along for the ride to aid and abet Wood are his wife, Lore co-writer T.P. Louise, and Chris Ryall, Wood's co-Eisner-loser for Doomed and co-creator of Zombies vs. Robots. But make no mistake-this book is top to bottom the complete synthesis for Ash's vision of what a comic book could be.

"When I hear someone say they're going to do a project that illustrates the ultimate potential of the comic book, I roll my eyes," said Chris Ryall, who will contribute the 5-page "Black Magick" to each issue. "But when Ashley Wood says it, all my eyes do is get bigger, in anticipation of seeing these words come true from one of the few people talented enough to back up that claim."

Ash added, "15 years in, THIS is the comic I've always wanted to do!"

Ashley Wood's D'Airain Aventure, a 32-page comic book featuring no ads and cover flaps, debuts in January 2007 (Diamond Order Code NOV06 3648. The first issue is also available with an incentive cover that will be adorned with an Ash sketch drawn onto each individual comic book and signed)

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