Ashley Wood announces GOYA publishing imprint

I love Ashley Wood's output, and it's easy to admire his independent spirit, but sometimes he announces so many projects that it sometimes seems as if he has creative ADHD. That said, the guy is prolific, and tends to get things done, so I should be happy that he's announced a new venture that sounds very much like a replacement for the late, lamented Swallow, the art magazine he produced at IDW Publishing from 2005 to 2008. From the threeA production blog:

We love art here at 3A, and frankly we want to get more out there, not just ours but other artists. So im going to create a publishing imprint called GOYA to get as many cool mags out as we can featuring known and unknown artists. Kinda like what I did for Swallow but a larger size of 12″x12″ etc. Think of GOYA as a record label, we will release mags that are like EP’s for the artist, and then go from there whether it be more books or toys etc.

No kickstarter, no crap printing on overpriced POD systems just cool mags.

Swallow was a fantastic showcase for all kinds of artists that caught Wood's fancy, featuring portfolio work by the top names in comics, illustration and fine art, with an internationalist agenda, and included folks of the caliber of Toby Cypress, Jeremy Geddes, James Jean, Teddy Kristiansen, Jim Mahfood, Paul Pope, Kent Williams, Duncan Fegredo, Glyn Dillon, George Pratt, and a multitude of others. Any sequel to that project will have big shoes to fill, so the best of luck to Ash with this one.

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