Ash Williams battles Lobo and DC unead in this violent fan film

Ash Williams and Gwen Stacy return in the long-awaited sequel to Brian Rosenthal's impressive 2013 fan short "Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness." However, as we saw in the recent trailer, a lot has changed since that first film: For starters, Ash and Gwen have crossed over into the DC Universe, which is experiencing an undead problem of its own.

In "Ash vs. Lobo and The DC Dead," Ash has expanded his arsenal to include one of Iron Man's gauntlets and a certain power ring, but will those be enough to help the Lothario to triumph when superheroes like Green Lantern and Green Lantern have failed -- especially once Lobo arrives on the scene?

Watch the full 20-minute short below. Be warned: As you might expect, it gets a bit violent and gory.

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