'Ash Vs. Evil Dead' Pulls Back the Bloody Curtain in Behind-the-Scenes Video

In case you didn't get enough of Ash Williams in the latest trailer for "Ash vs. Evil Dead," Starz has released a new video that goes behind the scenes of what Lucy Lawless calls "a jolly splatter-fest."

She's joined in the video by Bruce Campbell, executive producers Rob Tapert and Craig DiGregorio, composer Joseph Loduca, and co-stars Ray Santiago and Dana Delorenzo, who discuss the history of the franchise, the tone of the series, and the importance of Sam Raimi.

"It was 36 years since we shot the first 'Evil Dead' together," Campbell says, "and the fact that we're still in the business, that we're still working together was like, 'Wow, the idiots are back in town.'"

"Ash vs. Evil Dead" premieres Oct. 31 on Starz.

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