'Ash Vs. Evil Dead' Adds Lee Majors and Ted Raimi

Lee Majors and Ted Raimi has joined the second season of Starz's "Ash Vs. Evil Dead."

Best known for his iconic roles on "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Fall Guy," Majors will play Ash's father. Raimi, who appeared with Bruce Campbell in all three "Evil Dead" movies, will portray Ash's childhood best friend.

They join a cast that includes Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo.

A continuation of director Sam Raimi’s cult film franchise, “Ash Vs. Evil Dead” picks up with Ash (Campbell) having spent the past three decades avoiding maturity, and the terrors of the Evil Dead. But when a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, he’s forced to face his demons — both metaphorical and literal.

Starz ordered a 10-episode second season before the series even premiered.

(via Deadline)

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