A Familiar Face Is Controlling the Asgardian Destroyer Armor - But How?

An Armada Of The Dead

Nebula's plan revolved around a reliquary and the object inside it. Once the Asgardians caught up with her on Draeketh, they discovered the planet had a group of dead Nidavellir dwarves chained, tortured and floating dead in its orbit. Nebula had forced the dwarves to build her an ax that could through space, and also track down the horn she'd need to summon the Naglfar -- the mythical ship of the dead that ferries lost souls into war.

A twist to the Naglfar tale is instead of just one ship of dead god souls, Nebula somehow has an entire armada of corpses that have died from their own versions of Ragnarok. Nebula now has an army to compete with her sister, Gamora, for the bad guy spotlight, but how did Angela come to learn of Nebula's nefarious plan?

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Guess Who's Back

Angela may be a great warrior, but devising a scheme and putting a team together aren't things she is typically known for. Asgardians of the Galaxy #1 ends with Angela speaking to the Destroyer -- or more accurately, the person inside the Destroyer. Angela reveals it was this person's idea to go after Gamora, and once the armor opens, the God of Mischief, Kid Loki emerges.

Marvel debuted the Kid Loki persona after the trickster died in the 2010 event Siege. With his memories erased, Kid Loki was much friendlier than his adult version, though he still stuck to his trickster ways. Much of Kid Loki's story revolves around trying not to fall down his same evil path, though with him being a Loki, that's easier said than done.

So you may be wondering how are there two Loki's walking around the Marvel Universe at the same time? Kid Loki merged with Ikol to become one being before joining the Young Avengers, with Kid Loki again "maturing" during the series to become the Loki making guest-appearances in ThorAvengers and Infinity War.

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Marvel's current event series may have something to do with how Loki and Kid Loki are able to exist together on the same plane. Infinity War has Loki undergoing a quest to find answers regarding his place in the universe, and the answers he seeks could result in recreating Kid Loki. There's nothing telling the reader where in Infinity War the Asgardians of the Galaxy series takes place, though we know it's after Gamora killed Thanos.

Kid Loki has eyes on the Naglfar armada for his own use, so there is another mystery to unravel, along with his own existence. So far, the newest addition to the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe is not short on surprises and mysteries for fans to speculate on.

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